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Water Purification Tablet

Water Purification Tablet

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The all-natural M-Drop (MadiDrop) is a highly effective and easy-to-use solution for disinfecting drinking water without chemically altering the taste and smell of water. When placed in water, this water-permeable ceramic tablet using silver ions technology inactivates waterborne pathogens (Bacteria/viruses/fungi/protozoa).

Each table disinfects 10 Litres of water daily for 200 Consecutive days and will protect up to 20 litres of stored water from contamination.

Great Alternative Uses:
-We personally found that the most useful place for the Madidrop system is to keep hydration packs from becoming slimy. We tested it and as soon as the Madi was added to a pack that is a few months old you could see it starting to react with the biological contamination in the pack. This saves time as it greatly reduces cleaning frequency. We do however still recommend storing the pack without water inside.
-Another Great Use is Placing the MadiDrop inside a fridge's water dispensing tank. This greatly reduces the bacteria build-up that naturally occurs from contamination in the air or water source.

Keep in Mind:
-The M-Drop (MadiDrop) does not remove other contaminants such as heavy metal, pesticides, or herbicides.
-The M-Drop does not alter or change the mineral content of a water in any way, so if for example, your source water has a high mineral content and brackish (salty) taste it will still have the same taste after the M-Drop tablet has been added.

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