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Namibian Hardwood (15kg)

Namibian Hardwood (15kg)

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Let’s get technical. Namibian hardwood grows in a harsh, dry climate, but it’s excellently adapted. Because it doesn’t retain much water, the vessels which transport water within the tree are very small, which increases the density of the wood and means it’s almost instantly dry when the tree dies. They also contain very small amounts of sap and residue. The combination results in the perfect firewood. It’s heavy and dry, which means it burns hotter for longer (coals can last almost through the night) and the lack of residues gives it a cleaner burn and leaves less residual ash. Because of the nature of the wood, you can use less for longer regardless of the purpose.

It's the best wood for any type of fire* – indoor, outdoor, braai, gees.

*Namibian hardwood is not recommended for closed-combustion fireplaces (or fireplaces with glass doors) as it burns too hot and can crack the glass and even warp the hinges.

NB: Must be collected in store.

  • Very dry and dense
  • Lights easily
  • Burns hotter for longer
  • Less residual ash
  • Always available, always seasoned
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